November 8, 1919 (13th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Henry Herbert Stevens



Up to a year ago the
pilotage in British Columbia waters was under two or three pilotage commissions, and the pilots were paid out of the fees

collected from the ships, and not by any fixed salary. The former Minister of Marine, Mr. Hazen, appointed, a commission, and some eminent authorities on pilotage went t'o British Columbia and made careful investigation and recommended that some system of pilotage should be inaugurated such as existed on the St. Lawrence and has recently been put into operation at Halifax.
This Bill is really giving effect to that part of the recommendation and of this new system which has been put into operation during the past few months. Pilotage will now be placed on a salary basis. The desire is to reduce pilotage which I always considered excessive, as I think many others do. We anticipate that it will be a benefit to shipping as well as to the pilots themselves.

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