October 21, 1919 (13th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Joseph Archambault

Laurier Liberal

Air. JOSEPH ARCHAMBAULT (Chambly and Vercheres):

I should like to know
from the Minister of Finance, whom I welcome to his seat in the House, if he is in a position to inform the House what amount of the loan of $25,000,000 to Rou-mania has already been advanced. I ask this question because I regard it as one of great importance and urgency in view of the fact that I was informed yesterday by a prominent gentleman who has just returned from Roumania that the "lei" the monetary unit of Roumania,, which in normal times is worth 20 cents, is now fluctuating between half a cent and three cents.

In view of this, does the Government intend to advance any more money to Roumania, if there is any balance of the $25,000,000 not yet advanced?

Topic:   LOAN OF $25,000,000 TO ROUAIANIA.
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