October 16, 1919 (13th Parliament, 3rd Session)


William Thomas White



My hon. friend has for years been so much in the habit of addressing his questions to me that it is difficult for him to get over it. But I am very glad to give him my own view, which is not necessarily the view of the Government at all, because, as I have said, I am now a private member of this House. The Government upon acquiring the Grand Trunk railway's stock will administer the road, will make good any deficits on its operation, and will provide for the taking out from receivership of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Company. Now, my hon. friend askedme if I was in favour of making further grants to the Grand Trunk Pacific Company. I said that I was not. I pointed out before that the Grand Trunk Railway Company owned the stock of the Grand Trunk Pacific .Company and were therefore the proprietor. I was unwilling that the Government of Canada in 1914 should guarantee $45,000,000 of stock of the Canadian Northern without getting $40,000,000 or as much more as we could although that was all we were able to get-of common stock. I was unwilling that the Government after 1916 should make any further advances to the Canadian Northern railway while it remained in private hands; but I was not unwilling that the Government should take the railway over and make whatever advances might be necessary to carry it on. I take the same view in regard to the Grand Trunk Pacific. I would assist the Grand Trunk Pacific railway, provided its stock,

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