April 28, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


William Scott Maclaren


Mr. MACLAREN (Huntingdon).

My feeling is that we should try to legislate for the masses rather than for the classes. As I have said I came here with my own idea as to the best fiscal policy for the country, and I suppose every member of the House has come here with his mind made up on that question to a greater or lesser extent. But while that is true, I came here also with an open mind ready to be convinced and ready to change my views if the arguments brought forth should lead me to believe that my own ideas were wrong. I must say that so far that I have not changed my mind, but that I have continued to believe that the best policy for this country is a low tariff, or what may be called a revenue tariff. Another thing is that I came

liere a new member; one who probably had not taken that interest In these public matters which he ought to have taken. My principle business in connection with political matters heretofore was simply an anxiety to see that the man of our choice was elected and we generally succeeded in doing that.
Some lion. MEMBERS. Hear, hear.

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