April 27, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Tlie POSTMASTER GENERAL (Hon. Sir William Mulock) :

1. On the 23rd instant a communication was received from the secretary of the Trades and Labour Congress of Canada on behalf of the Toronto District Labour Council, with reference to a telegraphic despatch in the Toronto ' Evening Telegram ' of the 9th instant, with reference to an alleged interview of Mr. W. T. R. Preston, with the representative of the ' Pall Mall Gazette,' wherein Mr. Preston is alleged to have made the statement in question and requesting that inquiry be made as to whether Mr. Preston has been accurately reported.
2. The communication was acknowledged on the 25th instant, and Mr. Preston has also been communicated with as to whether he has been correctly reported.
3. Instructions have been sent to immigration agents to confine their efforts towards promoting the immigration of agricultural classes.
4. A communication on the subject has also been received from the Federated Trades Council of Toronto and vicinity.

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