July 3, 1919 (13th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Fred Langdon Davis



I believe that there has been a change of policy. The United States at one time adopted the policy of treating all combinations as necessarily in restraint of trade. Now they adopt the more sensible policy of looking at the agreement and seeing if it is really in restraint of trade, and in opposition to the interests of the consumers or a benefit to them. The final remark I have to make is this: By simulation of a real commission this thing can be made a farce, and it is the duty of the Government not to take that course. I have confidence in the Government that it is in earnest, that it means that real men shall be put at the head of this commission, and if men of the type of those who framed the policy of the Railway Commission are put upon this commission, I have no fear of section 41 of the Bill, because the Government itself dare not defeat the recommendations of the Committee, which has the entire confidence of this House.

Topic:   SUPPLY.
Subtopic:   BOARD OF COMMERCE ACT, 1919.
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