June 28, 1919 (13th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Robert James Manion



It has been my experience that occasionally the pension awarded is not anything like commensurate with the injury that the soldier received at the front; and considerable correspondence and a certain amount of controversy has been necessary in order to get a new medical board for the man concerned. I suggest that the minister impress upon the Board of Pension Commissioners the necessity of allowing new medical boards to be held whenever doubt is expressed by a competent medical man as to the fairness of the treatment accorded to a soldier by the board. I do not think it should be necessary in such cases to carry on an extended correspondence. The board have been too strict in this regard. I know that they are trying to carry out their duties as well as they can and that they meet with many difficulties, and I do not wish to offer any captious criticism; but I think that arrangements should be made, either by the appointment of a travelling medical board or in some other way, to ensure that where a competent medical man considers that a soldier has not been treated fairly, that soldier shall, in short order, get a new medical board to decide upon his disability and the amount of his pension.

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