May 22, 1919 (13th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Charles Sheard


Mr. CHARLES SHEARD (Toronto South):

Mr. Speaker, I rise to oppose the adoption of the report, for the reason that I consider it unwise in its expression, unconstitutional in its tendency and unreasonable in its application. If I may quote from the report of the committee, I find that we approach His Majesty with what is practically a rebuke. We, the -people of Canada, as represented in this assembly, ask His Majesty in paragraph (a) "to refrain." As one of His Majesty's Commoners in this Parliament, I entertain too high a respect for His Majesty to approach and address him in that particular form. I venture to say that if we had set forth the facts; if this committee is prepared to vouch for the facts and to submit evidence to His Majesty in a proper form to illustrate and to substantiate the view that the people of this country are greatly perturbed about the granting of titles, it is right and proper that that evidence should accompany so peremptory a demand as the report of this committee appears, to my mind, at least, to make. -
The hon. member for Kingston has said that the heather is on fire in the Dominion regarding the distribution and application of these titles; that there is a tremendous stir, not only throughout Canada, but throughout the British Isles, and that in England some newspaper writers, notably

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