May 22, 1919 (13th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Daniel Duncan McKenzie (Leader of the Official Opposition)

Laurier Liberal

Mr. D. D. McKENZIE (North Cape Breton and Victoria):

Mr. Speaker, we have listened with a great deal of interest and attention to the very eloquent speech of the hon. member for Kingston (Mr. Nickle). I suppose we have a right to assume that the attention of this honourable body of legislators would not have been got so promptly or kept for so long a time on various occasions by the hon. gentleman unless he felt he had a subject of paramount importance to present to the Hpuse. I cannot work myself into a fury over this question, because I do not think it is worthy of the great attention that has been bestowed upon it. I do not think it is such a crisis in this country as to warrant it taking up the time of the House to the very great extent that it has taken up our time for the last two years. I would submit to my hon. friend (Mr. Nickle), who has talent and ability to burn, that there are a great many things in this country which require his attention much more than titles. Let me tell the hon. gentleman that he would have won the plaudits of the people if he had dilated to-day to the same extent on the situation of some poor boy who could not go to school because he had no shoes, or some little girl who did not have a proper dress, or of some poor children who had to go to bed hungry. ' [DOT]
This subject will have to be disposed of, and I do not wish to belittle the ideas put forward by rny hon. friend. I would like to tell him that the discussion should not be prolonged too much, for fear that he may change his mind and vote against his own resolution.
Some hon. MEMBERS; Oh, oh.

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