April 25, 1919 (13th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Hon. Mr. BURRELL: (Minister of Mines; Secretary of State of Canada)


1. No solicitors, as such, were employed, prior to February 4, 1918.
2. Answered by No. 1.
3. Mr. Godin, salary (to January 31, 1919), $6,359.16; travelling expenses, $644.19. Mr. Petitclerc, salary (to March 31, 1919), $6,200; travelling expenses, $149.07.
Office disbursements, none.
4. A separate ledger account is not kept
for each individual employee and to obtain the information desired would necessitate an analysis of and tabulation from all paysheets since the Act came into force. Most of these sheets contain over two hundred names and altogether cover salaries paid to between six and seven hundred employees and whereas it will be an easy matter to supply information relative to any named individual employees it will take some weeks with the staff at our disposal to tabulate every one. The total disbursements for salaries from September 15, 1917, to
February 15, 1919, was $289,053.71 (of Hansard " Unrevised " page 1018).

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