April 25, 1919 (13th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Arthur Meighen (Minister of the Interior; Superintendent-General of Indian Affairs)


Hon. ARTHUR MEIGHEN (Acting Minister of Justice):

moved for leave to introduce Bill No. 71, to extend the operation of the orders and regulations passed by the Governor in Council under The War Measures Act, 1914. iMr. D. D. McKENZIE: Explain.
Mr. (MEIGHEN: The purpose of the Bill is to extend the operation of Orders in
Council passed under the War Measures^ Act, until the prorogation of this Parliament. The W'ar Measures Act itself provides that it shall remain in effect until the cessation of hostilities, and that the cessation of hostilities may be determined by one of two methods-by the proclamation of His Majesty, or by the proclamation of the Governor in Council. In view of the possibility of an early declaration of peace, and of a proclamation thereof by His Majesty within a reasonable time and before the expiration of this session, we are asking that the Orders in Council passed under the War Measures Act which, upon the ceasing of the Act itself to have effect, may possibly themselves cease to have effect, be extended until the prorogation of Parliament. In the meantime, the Government will consider what may be necessary to be done with relation to some of those Orders in Council, having in view the general public interest. The Bill also provides that though the Orders in Council be extended in effect until the prorogation of Parliament, subject, of course, to any legislation in the meantime, the Governor in Council shall have power to repeal or rescind any of them in whole or in part.

Topic:   THE WAR MEASURES ACT, 1914.
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