March 27, 1919 (13th Parliament, 2nd Session)


John Howard Sinclair

Laurier Liberal

Mr. SINCLAIR (Guysborough):

trouble is that every fisherman on the coast is also a packer. The blue-book tells us there are some eight thousand fishermen whose operations cover about five thousand miles

of coast, and the difficulties in connection with administering regulations of this kind would be very great on account of the scattered way in which the work is done.
If the packers of fish operated like the packers of fruit, and there were places where fish was handled in large quantities, as is done in the case of fruit in the Annapolis valley and other points, the task would be a much easier one. I understand that in many places fruit is sold on the trees, and the packer comes along with his crew of men, and the necessary boxes and barrels, and the fruit is picked and packed under inspection.

Subtopic:   D50 COMMONS
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