March 27, 1919 (13th Parliament, 2nd Session)




1. Have any complaints been made with regard to the accommodation in the Military Hospital, Quebec?

2. II so, toy ivhom?
3. Have any Boards of Inquiry toeen appointed since 1915, to date?
4. If so, what has been their findings, and has any action been taken?
Major-General MEWBURN:
1. There is no record of any complaints having been made.
2. Answered by No. 1.
3. Yes, a Court of Inquiry was held on November 8, 1918, by order of the General Officer Commanding Military District No. 5, inquiring into and reporting upon the administration and conduct of the various temporary hospitals.
4. The findings are as follows:
"The court having heard the evidence and after visiting the temporary military hospitals at the Drill Hall, Quebec, and at Levis Armouries, is of the opinion that:
"The buildings selected for these temporary hospitals were the most suitable available under the circumstances.
"The equipment, including drugs and medical supplies, were adequate.
" The food supplied was in sufficient quantity and of good quality and suitable.
"The organization of these two temporary hospitals was completely developed under unexpected circumstances, and there was no undue delay in completing this organization.
The sanitary condition of these two hospitals was at all times satisfactory.
"The A.D.M.S. M.D. No. 5, who was responsible for the organization of these hospitals, and Lt.-Colonel E. A. Lebel, C.A M.C., Officer Commanding Quebec Military Hospital, have shown much attention to the organization and administration of these hospitals, and the work of the personnel and V.A.D.'s have shown remarkable devotion in their duties and given their best endeavours to carry out their tasks towards all patients.
From, evidence adduced there seems no question but that all the patients received skilful treatment, good care and nursing while under care in these hospitals, and the *court finds no cause for complaint in any manner whatever."

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