May 23, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


Robert Francis Green



To-day there is absolutely no market in Canada for electrolytic zinc, unless the smelter can produce electrolytic zinc below seven cents per pound, because the price of prime spelter is seven cents per pound to-day, and prime spelter is the particular grade of zinc that is being used commercially, not only in Canada, but in other places. The Munitions Board have absolutely refused to buy any more zinc from this smelter, giving a-s their reason that large -quantities of this particular grade of zinc were purchased for the Russian Government and paid for by the British Government. This particular zinc was not de-

livered to the Russian Government and is, therefore, on the hand-s of the British authorities and is being used by them, and they are not in the market for any Canadian electrolytic zinc. The -whole proposition is to put this electrolytic zinc on a parity with the prime spelter, so that it can be sold in the same market at the same price.
I was going to say that the Government have agreed to appoint a commission to investigate the whole situation as between the smelter and the producer. That being the case, I think it will be a calamity for the mine owners throughout British Columbia, and possibly in other parts of Canada, if this particular portion of the process that is carried on at Trail should be closed down owing to inability on the part of the smelting company to compete with smelters in other parts of the world.

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