May 18, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


John Gillanders Turriff



There is one other .reason why we should not pass this clause as suggested. I agree very largely with the remarks made by my hon. friend from North Oxford (Mr. Nesbitt) that the provision under discussion might probably be further amended to make it more clear. We notice in the Press that sometime in ' the future there will probably be as many as three million American soldiers overseas. Under the proposed amendment the dependent relatives of such men who come to Canada, may be paid out of the Patriotic Fund. As is well known, people are crossing from the United States into Canada by the tens of thousands every year, even at the present time. Why should we direct payments to be made from the Canadian Patriotic Fund to the relatives of American . soldiers who are overseas fighting the battles of that country as well as our own? They are our allies, it is true, and we are glad to have them and see them in the battle line, but the United States is just as well able to take care of the wives and children of its soldiers, as we are to take care of the wives and children of our own soldiers, and even better.

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