May 15, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


Hon. Mr. ROWELL: (President of the Privy Council)


1. Yes.
2. Yes., and also by letter of May 1st, as follows:
Dear Mr. Stevens:
Re Pensions Committee.
I duly received your letter and laid it before the Pensions Committee. The matter you mention had already come before the Committee, and it is their intention to deal with the questions raised in the course of their deliberations.
With reference to the personal matter mentioned in the letter, I understand from Dr. Reid that he was not consulted regarding the appointment of Colonel Babatt to the Board of Pension Commissioners and had nothing whatever to do with it. So far as General 'Mewburn is concerned, as you are aware, Colonel Dabatt was appointed many months before General Mewiburn became a minister. There is, however, a question of principle . involved, which is a very proper matter for consideration.
(Sgd.) N. W. Rowell.
3. The following is the extract from the printed records of proceedings of the committee on May 1st relating to this matter:
The Chairman read a communication received from Mr. H. H. Stevens., M.P., dated April 23, re the case of Colonel Labatt's disability pension; also a communication received from Mr. F. S. Scott, M.P., dated April 23, re the revision of pension regulations in respect to dependents of British Reservists-said communications were ordered filed for records and for further consideration.
4. The matters referred to in Mr. Stevens' letter are being enquired into and the committee will report .in due course.

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