May 7, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


Rodolphe Lemieux

Laurier Liberal


When, later on, the question of disallowance came before Parliament, Sir John A. Macdonald, who was a great Canadian, said: "No, this is a provincial statute which the province of Quebec has constitutionally the right to enact and the Dominion Government will not interfere." The views of Sir John A. Macdonald were shared by the then highest authority on the constitution, the late Hon. Edward iBlake. That is the history of the Jesuits' estates. All the agitation came from the troublesome element, from the extremists, as represented to-day by my hon. friend in this House. I wonder why my hon. friend brought again into the debate all those contro-
4 p.m. versial issues. He is, of course, an extremist. He admits that. He must therefore create trouble. The circulation of his paper would be nil if it did not contain those rabid articles against the Pope of Rome and against that French minority which diabolically intends to. dominate the majority in Canada. What a great compliment to the English people of this Dominion of Canada, that Quebec might dominate the majority! Let me repeat to my fellow-men of British blood and of British ideals what that sturdy old sailor, when the Titanic was foundering, said in the midst of the Atlantic ocean: "Be British!" he said to his sailors and to the passengers on board. I say to my fellowmen: Be British ! do not be Prussians, as you are asked to be by such articles as are weekly published in the Orange Sentinel. After all, the British should not be afraid of the French.

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