May 7, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


Rodolphe Lemieux

Laurier Liberal


That is why the treaty of Paris was so benevolent to us. After the cession of Canada to Great Britain, when the British Governors took over control of this country, the Jesuits' estates escheated to the Crown; but later on, when the Order was reorganized, and when we were granted free constitutional, responsible government, Queen Victoria, because this occurred during Her late Majesty's reign, decided to dispose as she pleased with the Jesuits' estates. In other words, the Government of the province of Quebec, under the late Mr. Mereier, undertook to divide the revenues .of those estates between the two sections of our population with a view to promote the. cause of education. One share went to the Catholics, and the other
TMr. Lemieux.]
share went to the Protestants. The minority in Quebec accepted it quite willingly and1 was very grateful to the late Hon. Mr. Mereier for his action in the matter. The agitation against the Act did not arise from the Protestants of Quebec; it arose from the Order of which my hon. friend is a noble representative; it came from the province of Ontario.

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