May 7, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


John Wesley Edwards


Mr. J. W. EDWARDS (Frontenac):

I desire to draw the attention of the Government, if their attention has not been already called, to an article which appears in this morning's Journal-Press, which, in describing the proceedings of an exemption tribunal held in the city of Hull yesterday, states that fourteen exemptions were granted, all the applicants being between

the ages of twenty and twenty-three. The cases cited are:
John Burns, burner, aged 22, claimed he was sole support. Disallowed.
George Oharron, merchant, 21, claimed ill-health. Allowed.
Louis Carufel, culler, 21, claimed domestic conditions render his presence necessary. Allowed till August 1, 1918.
Albert Bourgoin, papermaker, 20, claimed he was sole support. Allowed till Get. 1, 1918.
Oscar Demers, clerk, 20, Claimed1 he was sole support. Allowed till Oct. 1, 1918.
Auguste Guerin, employment not stated, 20, claimed domestic reasons. Allowed till Aug. 1, 191S.
Major-General MEWBURN (Minister of Militia and Defence): I saw in this momr ing's paper the article from which the hon. gentleman has quoted, and I immediately telephoned the Military Service Council, who had no knowledge or information regarding it, but are having the matter investigated. It is presumed, but I am not positive as to that, that these were claims that were pending under the Military Service Act on which decisions had not been given. Any appeals by young men between the ages of twenty and twenty-t'wo inclusive who come under the Order in Council, even if exemptions are allowed, are immediately and. automatically cancelled as the men are called up for service. The Military Service Council have promised to present a report on the matter, hut they say the explanation that I have given is the only way in which the matter referred to by the hon, gentleman can be accounted for.

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