May 6, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)



Laurier Liberal

1. Has the Government any knowledge of proposals made to the British Government looking to the development of the oil industry in the British Islands or other parts of the Empire in view of the present dependence of the Empire on foreign sources of supply for this essential to commerce and defence?
2. Does the report of the Economic and Development Commission, appointed' in the first year of the war, to prepare for the problems facing the country after the war, contain any proposals for the discovery and development of oil deposits in Canada, outside the areas at present drawn upon?
3. Will the Government lay on the Table of the House all correspondence and information as to the participation of members of the Government, and particularly the Minister of Trade and Commerce, in any discussions in England during the period of the war, (bearing upon the advisability of pooling the resources of the Empire as a defence against an attempted postwar economic domination by Germany ?
4. Is the Government aware that Canada is now almost entirely depending for its oil supply upon a subsidiary company of the 'Standard Oil Company, a foreign corporation, which has recently increased its capital, under a Dominion charter to fifty million dollars, with the likelihood that it may obtain control of any deposits of oil that may be discovered in 'Canada?
5. Does the Government propose to take any steps to assure to the people of Canada the control of deposits of oil which may be discovered in any of the provinces?

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