May 6, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


Hyacinthe-Adélard Fortier

Laurier Liberal

Mr. H. A. FORTIER (Labelle):

I ask the Minister of Militia and Defence (Major-General Mewiburn) if the sons of farmers are to be left on the farm for seeding purposes. I understood that the minister, when questioned from both sides of the House on Friday, gave us to understand that the sons of farmers were to be allowed to stay on the farm until a later date. In our district-Military District No. 3-they are already called; they were called immediately after the boys in the -cities had been called. The boys have been ordered to report on the eighth, ninth and tenth of this month.
I would like to know -if further orders will be given to the registrar to allow these boys to remain at their occupations on the farm for some time yet.
Major-General MEWBURN: Mr. Speaker,
I thought that the statement I made in the House last week was very clear. I said *that the registrars had been requested to send out notices to those in urban centres before they sent notices to the farmers. I stated that I believed that in some instances this direction had not been carried out in its entirety. There was no date specified at which the farmers' sons were to be called.
I announced on Friday that arrangements had subsequently been made by which these men must report as notified, and then on giving proper notification to the commanding officer of the battalion-, that they desired to go back to complete their sefeding, they would be given at two weeks' leave of absence for that purpose.

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