May 6, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


Isaac Ellis Pedlow

Laurier Liberal

Mr. I. E. PEDLOW (South Renfrew):

Mr. Speaker, I would like to rise to a question of privilege. I find in the Renfrew Mercury, of Friday, May 3, the following:
The editor of the Mercury, happening to pick up in Toronto a copy of Hansard recording the votes in the Commons on the amended Military Service Act, was somewhat astonished to find that the M.P. for South Renfrew had failed to record himself on that issue.
I beg leave to state to the House that on that occasion I was paired with the hon. member for. Port Arthur and Kenora (Mr. Keefer), who was desirous of leaving for home on one of the night trains. At his special request and in order to accommodate that hon. member and with the permission and approval of the Liberal whip, I agreed to pair my vote and that was distinctly understood between myself and the Liberal whip. I wish to go on record as having been paired on that occasion, and if the hon. member for Port Arthur and Kenora were in the House I am sure he would corroborate my statement. Had I not been paired I would have voted against
the main motion-, as I had voted for the amendment exempting farmers.

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