April 29, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


George Green Foster

Conservative (1867-1942)


There is some other business that we want to do to-night.
I have listened carefully to everything that has been said and have made notes of the various suggestions. I still am of the opinion that we ought to have a standard weight; I think that would be in the interest of the consuming public. I do not' see any force at all in the argument of my hon. friend from Three Rivers and St. Maurice (Mr. Bureau), whom I respect very highly, when he takes as his two premises that there would be a loss of $2,000,000 if this legislation went through, and, secondly, that there would be no gain to the consuming public, who have made no request for this legislation. Two premises like those do not heighten my respect for the conclusion he has" drawn, because neither premise is correct. There will be no loss on the bags, and there has been a widespread demand for this change. The idea of having a standard for our products in this country is an absolutely .sound one. That was the reason why this clause was inserted in the Bill. I now beg to move that the committee rise and report progress. I shall take into consideration the suggestions that have been made, and in a day or two shall come to the committee with my conclusions.
Progress reported.

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