April 29, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


John Allister Currie



We are not legislating
under the president of any cement company, as my hon. friend wants us to do; we are legislating for the people of Canada. The text-books that are published in England and the United States are used by cement companies and they are used by engineers in estimating the cement work they do. There are some engineers here .who know that very well. There are certain specifications laid down for certain work. There are buildings erected of cement; even ships are being made of cement. The American text-book says that you must make a cement of a certain standard, and that when you use so many barrels of cement to so much weight of sand and so much weight of gravel, you get a certain specified product. When you put that in a wall or an arch, you put a certain strength there that will stand up to a certain weight; but if you have only *87i pounds instead of 94 pounds to the bag, your work will not stand up. The inspector will come along and pick out a piece of concrete to see how much cement is in it, and he will say; You have not the correct quantity. The result is that your work is condemned and you lose a great deal of money.

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