April 29, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


Hon. Mr. BURRELL: (Minister of Mines; Secretary of State of Canada)


1. P. Burns & Co., Ltd., Calgary, Alta.; W. J. Bellingham, 376 Claremount Ave., Westmount, Que.; Canada Maple Exchange, 22 Vallee St., Montreal; Household Products Co., 2230 Chateaubriand Ave., Montreal; W. P. Downey, 88 Grey Nun St.,

Montreal; Bel-Air Display Co., 603 Ontario St. E., Montreal; Canadian Oleomargarine ivtfg. Co., 57-59 Blvd. Langelier, Quebec; Pure Food1 Products Co., St. Joseph and Crown Sts., Quebec; J. W. Gorham & Co., 236 Hollis St., Halifax, N.S.; Lambton Produce Co, Petrolia, Ont.; Harris Abattoir Co., Ltd., Toronto; Mandus Margarine Co., Toronto; Swift Canadian Co., Ltd., Toronto; National Broom and Brush Co., 25-29 Latour St., Montreal; M. And-resen, Squirrel Cove, B.C.
2. All except the Harris Abattoir Company and the Swift Canadian Company, Limited, of Toronto, were refused licenses at the time of their application because their establishments did not conform to the requirements of tne law as laid down in section 4 of the regulations passed on November 17, 1917.
3. The report of the commission of which Mr. George F. Henderson, J\.C., of Ottawa, was chairman does not deal explicitly with me points covered by questions 3 and 4, but statements in the report as to the proportion of stock held by Sir Joseph Flavelie in the Wm. Davies Company, Ltd., and as to the proportion of stock held by the Win. Davies Company, Ltd., in the Harris Abattoir Company, would indicate that the interests of Sir Joseph Flavelie in the Harris Abattoir Company were on May 12, 1917, approximately twenty per cent. The report in question has been tabled.
4. Answered by No. 3.
5. No information.

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