April 29, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


John Allister Currie



Apparently the minister has not the information available at present. As I understand it, on the right-of-way of this railway company whose charter we are proposing to extend, the Electrical Development Company originally built one pole line, with the intention of building a railway line along the right-of-way, but within the last two years, owing to the extension of electric power, another power line has been built along this right-of-way some distance from the first one, and the whole right-of-way is now occupied. I am informed, however, that the railway company had purchased additional right-of-way so that they could build a railway if necessary, and I wanted to know whether it was [DOT]a fact that they would have a right-of-way
not cluttered up with the poles of the Electrical Development Company. Otherwise, the Government would have to bring down a Bill later on to take over the Electrical Development Company, who would undoubtedly make a kick if the railway was built along their right-of-way. I think we should know the exact situation before this Bill passes the House as to the rights that have been granted to the Electrical Development Company, what was paid for them, and all that sort of thing. It might turn out that we were taking over a worthless charter here which would be capitalized, if at all possible, by the company when it appears before the arbitration board in Toronto, and without giving full information in respect to the right-of-way. I think this is a very important matter, but I have no objection to the Bill being proceeded with, if the minister will bring down the information on the third reading. If that is satisfactory to me, I think it will be satisfactory to the House.

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