April 26, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


Rodolphe Lemieux

Laurier Liberal

Hon. RODOLPHE LEMIEUX (Maison-neuve):

Mr. Speaker, I wish to call the attention of the Government to a cable despatch of a very serious nature published in this morning's Montreal Gazette. There seems to be a charge against the Canadian Medical Service to the effect that our wounded soldiers are not properly cared for in Canadian hospitals, and also in relation to the forestry corps, whose staff, according to this cable, is ridiculously overmanned. I shall read only one sentence about each of these charges.
There seems to be a lack of co-ordination in the medical services and too much deference to precedent, a fault everywhere in military services, where those are in power whose services antedate the outbreak of hostilities.
With regard to the hospitals:
There is a marked revival of the demand that Canadians he treated in Canadian hospitals.

Pre-war military training and services have not proven of great value in the Canadian Medical Corps.
Then, in regard to the forestry corps:
The Forestry Corps Staff is ridiculously overmanned. Sir Edward Kemp forced a slight reduction hut more drastic action is required. It is felt the Forestry Corps staff is a refuge for personal friends of those in higher command, and appointments and promotions are not given for practical or technical knowledge or success in work.
Has the Minister of Militia and Defence read this cable from the special correspondent of the Montreal Gazette? Will action be taken to prevent any such treatment of our wounded soldiers as is indicated here? Will any report be made as to the forestry corps?
Major-General MEWBURN (Minister of Militia and Defence): That is the first intimation I have had of it. I do not see the Gazette, but I will be very glad to peruse the despatch and take whatever action may be necessary.

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