April 25, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


Auguste Théophile Léger

Laurier Liberal


The reason I asked the question is that in the past year a certain amount was voted for dredging and breastworks in the Aldouane river in the county of Kent, N.B., to facilitate the taking by the farmers of mussel mud for fertilizing purposes from the bay up the river. I understand that there is much dredging yet to be done, and there is no other way of getting that fertilizer transported the five or :six miles to where it is used except by water. By doing a little dredging, the farmers can get their oyster shell and mussel mud fertilizer from the bay onto the wharf built some years ago. Only a small amount will be necessary to do the work in this river, and the same also applies to the St. Charles and St. Louis rivers. There are certain parts of the St. Louis river, near the mouth, where the land is flat, and some dredging was done last year and the year before so that at low water boats could get through. I understand that last fall the channel had filled up in some places, necessitating further attention from the Government to facilitate fishing. My desire is to facilitate as much as possible the work of the fishermen who have long distances to go, and also to help the farmers to get as much fertilizer as possible. There may be no recommendation by the district engineer on this subject. He has spent a good deal of money in the past on these rivers, and if the minister called his attention to it a certain amount might be spent on this work.

Topic:   SUPPLY.
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