April 25, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


Joseph-Charles-Théodore Gervais

Laurier Liberal


Mr. Chairman, after the discussion raised by the remarks of my (hon. friend from Lapraii'ie and Napierville (Mr. Lanctot) in connection with section, 340f of this Bill, the hon. Minister of Trade and -Commerce has deemed it proper to strike out that section. After further discussion, it was thought proper by the . hon. member for Joliette (Mr. Denis) to move an amendment to that section providing for the identification of hay when it has reached its destination. The hon. minister thought it proper to have the discussion adjourned on this motion.
Section 341 now under consideration deals with such fees as shall be charged by the inspector. I have read' the Bill through over and over again, and 'I must confess that, apart from section 341, the Bill under consideration does not in any respect differ from the Act passed in 1906; the only requisite provision and the one which is the most -essential-I mean the clause providing for identification of the hay-has been cut out by, the honourable minister himself, and he has also discarded the clause which provides for the official grading of hay and of straw. I cannot see what is the use of a Bill like this which is really a repetition of the Act passed in 1906. If the intention is only to change the inspectors' salaries, why not proceed in the usual way, i.e., by amendments or by Order in Council?

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