April 25, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


William Stevens Fielding

Unionist (Liberal)


Mr. Speaker, may I be permitted to direct the attention
of the hon. the Minister of Militia and Defence to a matter which may be of more than local importance? Reports- in the press indicate that there has been a considerable outbreak of smallpox in the district of Cape Island in the western part of Nova Scotia and that the disease has been taken into that district by returned sqldiers. I venture to suggest that the hon. gentleman will, through his medidaL officers, make inquiry into the matter not only in justice to the people of the district at present concerned but because, if the report be found to be correct, it is- evident that there is danger of similar troubles occurring in other parts of the country to which returned soldiers go. I deem it my duty to bring this matter to the attention of the hon. gentleman as, if true, it indicates that there is need of a more rigid examination, first, on the part of the quarantine authorities at the ports of landing and on the part of the medical gentlemen connected with our own Department of Militia and Defence. The hon. gentleman h'as probably not heard of . it and all I desire to do is to call his- attention to-it and to ask that the matter be investigated through his medical officers.
Major-General MEWBURN (Minister of Militia and Defence): I most assuredly
will do what my hon. friend- (Mr. Fielding) suggests. I have not had my attention called to it so far. If the hon. gentleman could give me any further information that he has I would appreciate it.

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