April 25, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


Jacques Bureau

Laurier Liberal

Mr. JACQUES BUREAU (Three Rivers):

I desire to call attention to an error in the Hansard report. Yesterday I put the following question to the Minister of Militia:
Are the men In Class "E" exempted under medical certificates obliged1 to report under the new Order in Council which has been passed ?
The report says class " D ", but what I wanted to know was whether men in class E, medically unfit, were required to report under the new Order 'in Council. As the question is reported, some confusion might be created. I understand that men in class D are those temporarily unfit, while those in class E are permanently unfit for service. Further on, speaking about the medical certificate, what I meant-and what I think I said, though it may have been misunderstood-was would the medical certificate of the Military Board appointed for the purpose be sufficient to exempt a man declared medically unfit. From the reply made to me by the minister, I think he understood my question aright.
Major-General MEWBLTRN: I understand the hon. gentleman to refer to men in the lower category-I think he said E.

, -Mr. BUREAU: Yes.
Major-General MEWBURN: Category E consists of men not likely to become fit within six months; that is the regulation laid "down by the medical people. What I intended to say in answer to my hon. friend was this: in calling up these classes of 20, 21 and 22 years, we were not asking to report at present those men already registered, and who had not been put in class A by the Medical Boards. All we require is -men of -class A who are fit for service at the front. The categories laid down by the medical board are: A, fit for general service; B, fit for service abroad, but not for -gene'ral service-that would be forestry, and so on; D, temporarily unfit, but possibly becoming A or B within six months-that is, men in convalescent homes, and so on; E, not likely to become fit in six months.

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