April 23, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


Robert Hamilton Butts



Will you give me a little latitude? You have given latitude to all hands this afternoon. I intended to speak of the debate that took place here a few nights ago. Perhaps I am altogether out of

order, but as you have acknowledged yourself, Sir, that the whole debate has been out of order this afternoon. We had a debate the other evening about the high cost of coal, about which the people in Ontario complain. Just think of it-a Yankee comes over from the land of Uncle Sam and exacts from one of oiir small steel and coal companies $100,000 in yearly salary. . What can you expect? You have to pay for it in your coal. Through this Bill you have an opportunity of doing something to alleviate the ill-feeling that exists between capita] and labour. Every person knows perfectly well that nothing is more desirable than to bring about such a condition of things as will make it possible for capital and labour to go hand in hand together. If we can secure the adoption of a Bill which will result in a good understanding between capital and labour we will be helping the Minister of Labour to do something for the country that no one ever did before.

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