April 22, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


Daniel Duncan McKenzie

Laurier Liberal


I have been for quite
a number of years in this House with the hon. member for Comox-Alberni, and I have always found him to have enough to do in dealing with his own little affairs in his own way. I must remain convinced that my mind is still strong enough to persuade me that the hon. member was dealing entirely with his own resolution, and with what was in his own mind when the Speaker gave a wider scope to the discussion. And what I have stated was what he undoubtedly had in mind himself. However, before going any further into the matter, let me say that my mind is so constructed that I find it difficult not to criticize a man who is doing something that is not consistent with his history and with his career, and

who does not seem to be straight and honest and open. If there is anything in the world that the member from British Columbia should keep mum on it is the question of labour, the question of aliens, and the question of colour and race and creed in respect to labour matters. I remember well when I sat behind the Government in this House up to the time of the change of Administration in 1911, that we heard a great deal from the Pacific province about a "white British Columbia." I remember it well, and I have with me the Hansard containing a report of a discussion in the early paTt of January, 1908, when the famous telegram of whether the Conservatives were for a white British Columbia, or were absolutely opposed to anything in the colour line, was sent.

Topic:   WALTER H. LONG.
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