April 22, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


Daniel Duncan McKenzie

Laurier Liberal

Mr. D. D. McKENZIE (Cape Breton North and Victoria):

Mr. Speaker, I desire only to detain the House for a very few moments in connection with this resolution. It is mot very clear to me as a lawyer what is intended by the motion of the hon. member for Comox-Alberni (Mr. Clements'. The only law that I am familiar with in connection with alien labour is the Alien Labour Act, and if that is the law that the hon. member wants to consolidate, its consolidation will not .be effected by Order in Council. If there are other alien., labour laws which required consolidation, or which should be consolidated, I am not familiar with them and the hom. gentleman did not allude to them. The resolution is a somewhat broad proposition, and having listened with the greatest attention to the hon. gentleman's remarks, I am forced to the conclusion that he had in his travelling bag a great many things that had very little relation to the subject. I cannot for the life of me see the connection, for instance, between this resolution and the conscripting of labour in the province of Quebec. It would simply appear to me that the hon. gentleman was making a stool-pigeon of the resolution with a view to having a fling at that province.

Topic:   WALTER H. LONG.
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