April 22, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


Charles Joseph Doherty (Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada)


Hon. Mr. DOHERTY (Translation):

I have not here the statute in question, but I think that in comparing the clause as it now reads with the proposed amendment, the reason of this change will become moTe apparent; it will also be realized that this amendment is absolutely necessary in order

that the French version be in accordance with the provisions contained in: the English bill. The law we have passed here is exactly the same as the one voted by the Parliament of the United Kingdom, and the error I have mentioned has slipped into the French translation. To the general rule that, whenever the parent ceases to be a British subject, any minor children of his shall also cease to be British subjects, the Bill, as worded in English, mates exception in cases where the minor child, though its parent has ceased to be a British subject, has not become under the law of any other country a citizen of that other country, while the French text, as it is now in the statute book excepts the very oase where the child becomes a citizen of another country.
The purpose of that section is to conserve British citizenship to every child whose father ceased to be a British subject whenever, under the laws of the' country to which his father has emigrated, the said child has not become a citizen of that other country, and who, unless an exception were made in his behalf would lose thereby all citizenship. The proposed amendment reads as follows:
12. " Lorsqu'une personne, Ctant sujet britannique, cesse de l'etre par une declaration d'ex-tranCitC ou autrement, tout enfant mineur de cette personne cesse en meme temps d'etre sujet britannique, sauf dans le cas oil tel enfant ne devient pas, en vertu de la loi d'Un autre pays, par le fait que telle personne a cessC d'etre sujet britannique,, naturalise dans cet autre pays."
I admit, :Sir, that the translation is not of the nicest, but as the English wording is not itself very elegant, it was not possible for me to give a translation of it both correct and beautiful.

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