April 17, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


Jacques Bureau

Laurier Liberal

Mr. J. BUREAU (Three Rivers):

Before the motion carries I wish to tell the Prime Minister that I do not exactly agree with the principle of multiplying departments and handling salaries as has been laid down by the Government. Two or three new ministries have been created, leaving aside various commissions that have been appointed, some to work in conjunction, some under the control of, and others apparently absolutely independent of any department of the Government. We understand that the Department of the Secretary of State for External Affairs is created for a purpose. It is created for all time, but I hope that the existing conditions which make it a necessity, or if not a necessity, at least an expediency, to multiply the number of departments will not exist forever. Another new department has (been created by the subdivision of the Department of the Interior, which already had a slice taken out of it when the Mines Department was cut off and placed within the Secretary of State's Department.

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