April 17, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


Rodolphe Lemieux

Laurier Liberal


I thought my hon. friend came from the Maritime Provinces, and that, after speaking as a naval expert the other day, he knew what the "jackstaff" was. I was pleased when the Minister, of Marine and Fisheries said that the Niobe and the Rainbow had been exceedingly useful during the present war. If the policy adopted by Parliament in 1910 had been carried out by the succeeding Administration possibly the coast cities of British Columbia would not have had to depend for protection upon the Japanese navy when the war broke out. Be that as it may, I am pleased to learn that the Minister of Naval Affairs has cheerfully accepted the legacy of the Laurier Administration, and is living up to its policy; a policy so 'Canadian and at the same time so British, and so sanely Imperial as was the Laurier naval policy. The Bill which is about to be read the third time simply carries out the policy

arrived at at the Imperial conference of 1911, and I shall support it cordially.
Motion agreed to and Bill read the third time.

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