April 17, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


Pius Michaud

Laurier Liberal

Mr. PIUS MICHAUD (Restigoucbe and Madawaska):

I desire to endorse the views expressed by the hon. member for Three Rivers with reference to this Bill. Hon. gentlemen can imagine for a moment an attorney conducting a case for a certain client, having to write to the Department of Justice, or to the Clerk of the Privy Council, for information as to whom he should address himself in presenting the

petition .in the name of his client. It would only require the insertion of a few words in tlhe Bill. 11 understand this Bill is in aid of .all parties who receive injuries on Government works, and I understand the provisions are ini line with the compensation Acts oif the different provinces. Under those Acts, attorneys or solicitors are limited .in their costs; they simply draw up one petition, and address it to the court, and then the Judge sets the case down for hearing. But under this Bill we have to hunt around and find to whom we should address ourselves, .and how we should obtain information as to the proceedings. Of course we should endeavour to save costs, in the interests of those seeking compensation. This matter should be definitely provided for in the Bill, and make it a precedent for all time.

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