April 15, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


John Flaws Reid

Unionist (Liberal)

Mr. J. F. REID:

I want to make a reference to the statement of the hon. member for Cape Breton (Mr. Butts), who said we did not want Chinese or coolie labour. I do not think, Mr. Speaker, that this is an opportune time to make that statement, because I understand that at the present time we have over in France some 80,000 or more Chinese labourers, and it seems to me that it does not matter very much whether they are building railroads to aid us in bringing this great war to a successful conclusion, or mining coal for us in this country. And I am afraid, Mr. Speaker, that if this war continues, Canada will be very glad to have coolie labour to do our work while our boys go to France to fight our battles. I do not think that I have anything more to say, and I am very glad indeed to hear the statement made by the Minister of Trade and Commerce in regard to the briquetting plant.

Topic:   H. A MACKIE.
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