April 15, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


John Flaws Reid

Unionist (Liberal)

Mr. J. F. REID ((Mackenzie, Sask.):

intended to submit a question but I am very glad indeed that the Minister of Trade and Commerce, by his statement, has relieved me from the necessity of doing so. It was with reference to an item that appeared ill the Saskatoon Star of April the 10th, stating that the Dominion Govern-men, in unison with the Governments of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, were establishing a plan which the minister has just told us they have already entered into. I wish to congratulate the Government on that policy which will .be received by the people of the West with a great deal of cordiality, because we have in Saskatchewan,, as the minister said, an unlimited amount of lignite coal which should be capable of being utilized to the very greatest advantage.
I understand the fuel controller has sent orders to the coal dealers in the West not to sell to any one person more than one-thirtieth of the annual supply of coal which he requires. If such is the case it will work very great hardship in the West.

Topic:   H. A MACKIE.
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