April 15, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


Frank Broadstreet Carvell (Minister of Public Works)

Unionist (Liberal)

Hon. F. B. CARVELL (Minister of Public Works) :

I desire to call the attention of the House to the fact that work has been recommenced on the new parliament building, and I would consider it a very great pleasure if the members of the House would take an early opportunity of visiting the premises for the purpose of acquainting themselves with the general layout and making any suggestions which to them may seem proper with a view to expediting completion, and which might be acted upon by the committee having charge of the reconstruction. I regret to say that it does not look as though the building would be completed for the next session of Parliament, unless very radical changes are made in the present method of construction. If it meets with the convenience of hon. members I would suggest that either to-morrow ot on Wednesday, between the hours of 1.30 and 3 o'clock, I shall be on the premises with as many of the officials as possible in order to conduct hon. members over the building and explain the general layout and proposed arrangements. I also extend this invitation to the press. I think that an hour, or an hour and one-half, could be very profitably spent and might result in speeding up the work, to the advantage of the country at large. I will leave the matter of the date and hour open, awaiting suggestions from hon. friends on either side of the House, but I repeat that either tomorrow or Wednesday, from 1.30 to 3, would suit me admirably.

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