April 10, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


Edgar Nelson Rhodes (Speaker of the House of Commons)



In view of the extremely severe financial pressure due to the present war, I have thought it proper to endeavour to effect such economies in con-

nection with the management of the business of the House as may be secured without injuriously affecting its prompt and efficient conduct. To this end I appointed a committee of three of the senior officers of the House to look into the question of the parliamentary printing. This committee has made a report recommending that the Votes and Proceedings and the. Journals should toe consolidated* The committee believes that in this way, while a full and proper record of the proceedings of the House would be preserved, that a very large saving would result. I beg to suggest, therefore, that the House appoint a small committee of three experienced members to consider whether this proposal should be adopted. It is not intended to make any change this session, but during the coming recess to work out the details of the scheme, and to begin the new arrangement next session.
I may also, inform the House that I purpose, myself, to immediately make a very full inquiry into the duties and organization of the staff of the House, the result of which I shall communicate to the House in due course.

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