April 9, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


John Dowsley Reid (Minister of Railways and Canals)



We discussed this matter in committee and the honourable gentleman

is only moving again on the lines of that discussion. The object of the Bill is to make provision that the International railway and the Transcontinental railway may be connected by a small piece of railway, two or three miles in length, that we are leasing and which has been operated by the Bangor and Aroostook railway. I do not think that any member of the House would think that the suggestion of the honourable member that we keep both stations is fair or reasonable. The Government now own and operate the Transcontinental railway between Levis and Moncton, and on that line there is a station 'in the village or town of St. Leonards. Since the Transcontinental railway was taken over by the Government, they have purchased what is known as the International railway running between Campbellton and St. Leonards. The International railway had a station also iin the town of St. Leonards, and it has been running into that station. The Government therefore are compelled to keep up two stations and to maintain that portion of the road, two or three miles in length, that is>
being operated by the International railway from the point wihere it will branch off to go over to the Transcontinental station. It does not seem to me that it is in the public interest that we should keep up two stations in one place and it does also strike me that it is much better for the travelling public that -all the trains should go to the one station. As I understand, from what the hon. member said a few evenings ago, the International railway station is a little nearer that of the Canadian Pacific railway and it would 'be more convenient perhaps for passengers coming in on the International who wanted to go to the Canadian Pacific railway. They would have a little less distance to walk than if they had to go from the Transcontinental Railway station. But, as shown by the statements of the hon. member, and by plans which I submitted the other evening, the distance between the Canadian Pacific Railway station and the Transcontinental is only about one thousand or twelve hundred feet. I cannot see why the people of St. Leonards should ask us to keep up two stations. This small piece of road is necessary for traffic passing over the International railway to the Transcontinental railway and in order that we shall not.be paying for the carriage of that traffic to the Bangor and Aroostook railway. Under the circumstances I could not possibly accept the amendment which has been moved by
the hon. member, and in the interest of the public service, and for the convenience of the public that travel on both Government lines, I would ask the House to reject that amendment and accept the agreement that has been arrived at and signed.

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