April 1, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


The MINISTER OF MARINE AND FISHERIES (Hon. J. Raymond Prefon-taine).

(Translation.) I am going to speak French, and in that way, I may possibly succeed in making my statement clearer and more explicit.
Let me read from ' La Patrie ' of March 31, a report of the statement I made at the meeting referred to. Here are the very words I used upon that occasion, according to that report, and I am going to read them to the House in order to avoid any further misunderstanding on the matter, because, after all, it is only a tempest in a tea-pot. Referring to the new transcontinental line, I spoke as follows
A new transcontinental line running from the Pacific to the Atlantic, for the forwarding of the grain and other products of the west through all-Canadian channels, and by the shortest way, under Canadian control. Under such circumstances, the duty of the government is plain. They should aid in the carrying out of that undertaking to the best of their ability, with prudence and caution.

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