April 4, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


Lawrence Geoffrey Power



1. Is the Quebec Harbour Commission owner of a steamship called the Courcelette?
2. If so, when was this boat bought, fi-orn whom, and at what price?
3. For what object was it bought?
4. For what object has it been used?
5. What was the number of persons who composed the crew in the months of July and August, 1917?
6. What salary was paid to each?

7. What excursions were made by the said steamer during the months of June, July and September, 1917?
1. Yes.
2. September 28th, 1916; Canadian Salvage Association Ltd.; $27,000.
3. General service boat for inspection of port and harbour, and harbour works.
4. Ais general service boat for inspection, of port and1 harbour, and harbour works.
5. July, 13; August, first two weeks, 13,
2nd fortnight, 12. v
6. Captain $92.40; mate, $46.20; list engineer, $101.60; 2nd engineer, $65.30; fireman, $18; fireman', $23.25; fireman, $15; steward, $46.20; cook, $51.30; mess boy,' $11.25; sailor, $24.50; sailor, $24.50; sailor, $24.50.
7. The boat was used for visiting the port of Quebec, two or three times by the commissioners and guests; twice by the Lieutenant-Governor and guests, three times by ministers of the Crown and guests; once by Mr. T. W. Lament, member of the firm J. P. Morgan & Co., to Moisie river at the request of the Department of Marine; expenses of this trip were paid by Mir. Lamont. It wais used in connection with the putting up of the Quebec bridge, and twice in connection with shipbuilding plant at Island of Orleans', and once visiting the harbour with Mr. K. Yamiagisihi, representative of the Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Company of Tokyo, Japan.

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