March 27, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


Mr. ORERAR: (Minister of Agriculture)

Unionist (Liberal)

1. It is the duty of the local officials charged with the administration of justice through the departments of the respective Provincial Attorneys General to deal with the breach of the laws, Orders in Council
. and regulations thereunder, (including *any relating to bran and shorts) in the . same manner that any other breach of the law is punished by the local judicial authorities. In addition it is the public duty of all citizens and local provincial and municipal police officials to lay complaint and have the laws obeyed. The Canada Food .Board, whenever any breach of the regulations relating to food is specifically .brought to its attention, will take and have taken the necessary and proper steps to prevent such infraction, even, if necessary, by the cancellation of license to do business.
2. Yes.
3. As the Canada Food Board does not, of itself, prosecute, it is not able to state what prosecutions have taken place in the different provinces, and. information *should be sought from the departments of the respective Provincial Attorneys General. But the Canada Food Board has been advised by the Crown Attorney for the county of Lambton in the province of Ontario, that be had prosecuted, upon the *information of Mr. H. A. Gilroy, President of the Lambton County Co-operative Association, a miller, iby the name of John Wheeler, of Alvinston, before the local' magistrate, for overcharge on bran and shorts, who pleaded guilty and was fined $10 and costs. As appears from the following letter from Mr. Gilroy, of Alvinston, the complainant therein, it is expected that this prosecution will cause the millers to obey the law, viz:
The Lambton County Co-Operative Asociation.
Alvinston, March 19th, 1918.
E. R. McDonald, Esq.,
Ottawa, Ont.
Dear Sir:
Replying to yours of 16th inst. I have no later receipts. None since March 11th, and thanks to your efforts I have every reason to believe that the mills are obeying the law, not only Wheeler but some of the larger concerns who were formerly quoting shorts $40 per ton car lots P. O. B. Toronto. I would respectfully
suggest that you take action to have papers stop carrying ads. for Dow Grade Flour and in fact all illegal products of milled wheat. They are quoted every day in daily papers. Now sir, as head of this (above) Association permit me to convey to you our thanks for your prompt efforts in this matter, also to have you convey same attitude to Mr. W. P. McDonald, Diet. Representative for Lambton County at Petrolla, Ont, who was of material benefit in bringing the issue to a successful conclusion.
Respectfully youirs,
H. A. Gilroy.

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