March 26, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


Thomas Mitchell March Tweedie



I believe that on the
whole this would be a popular measure in the city of Calgary and throughout the towns and rural parts of the province of Alberta. It seems to me that this discussion has taken a turn as if we were dealing with legislation which was placing a restriction on a certain class of the people. I cannot observe in the Bill anything which will place any restriction upon agricultural industry. But I can observe something which has been referred to in many of the speeches that have been, delivered tonight, that it will work out very greatly to the benefit of the industrial parts of Canada. I believe, as .many hon. members have said, that we should encourage the industrial classes in the cities and do everything in our power to promote their , happiness, their health and their welfare. I believe that by the enactment of this Bill we will be contributing to those (measures. It has been argued by some who have been speaking on behalf of the agricultural interests of this country that if men who are employed in city stores, offices and factories are allowed to leave their work one hour earlier than they do at the present it will set a very bad example to the men who are employed upon the farms and production will be reduced to that extent. I wish to call the attention of the hon. gentlemen who advance this view to the fact that there have been enacted in many provinces in Canada regulations relating to the employment of labour, regulations which have for their object the reduction of the hours of labour, regulations which have for their object the giving of a half holiday-

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