March 26, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


Samuel William Jacobs

Laurier Liberal


We who live in the city, who ar.e obliged to dwell in the city, when forced to pay extortionate prices for commodities produced by the farmers, how can they -expect us to have -any sympathy with them? I firmly believe that the reason they are opposing this daylight saving is because they imagine that "A hen we in the cities utilize our little back yards we will come into competition with them and help to reduce the cost of living. Therefore, from whatever point of view you look at this question, I am sure that this House will not concur at all in the views of our friends the farmers, and will adopt the attitude of those of us who are obliged to live in the cities. They may say: "As we are not disturbing your red light, why disturb our daylight?" Perhaps -some of the red lights in our district are patronized by a good many of the "daylight" gentlemen who come in from the country.
-Some hon. MEMBERS: Order, order.

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