March 26, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


William Garland McQuarrie


Mr. W. G. McQUARRIE ( New Westminster) :

As representing one of the constituencies of the Pacific coast, I support the Bill. Although we have not had daylight saving in British Columbia, the matter has been discussed a great deal. The late Col. Hart McHarg-whom, no doubt, a number of the members of this House knew-who went over with the first contingent, and gave up his life to the cause of the Empire, was largely instrumental in bringing the matter before the different organizations, such as boards of trade, and so forth. I think I can safely say that all those organizations passed resolutions in favour of the Bill, and I know that in my constituency, which is a farming community to a certain extent-perhaps the best farming district in the whole of British Columbia- there is absolutely no objection to the Bill. Other organizations are also favourable to it. The Minister of Trade and Commerce stated the case in favour of the Bill so well that I do not care to add anything further, except to say that in our constituency we are very much in favour of it, and were very much disappointed last year when it was dropped.

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