March 26, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


Archibald Blake McCoig

Laurier Liberal

Mr. A. B. McCOIG (Kent):

Mr. Speaker, this being the first opportunity I have had of speaking since the new Parliament assembled, let me join with your former colleagues and other hon. gentlemen in extending to you my hearty congratulations on again being elected as the Presiding Officer of this House.. With regard to this Bill, I was elected as an independent Liberal, with dull authority to support any measure the Government brought forward which I thought would be in the best interests of the prosecution of the war. I regret that on tire first occasion I rise in this House, it is to oppose the legislation just brought down by tihe Minister of Trade andl Commerce and which he has so ably explained in his address. I regret that in bringing forward this Bill he has not given to the labouring people and the producers of this country the attention they deserve. I represent a rural constituency and urban, perhaps the largest constituency in this house, and since this Bill has been on the Order Paper I have taken every opportunity of ascertaining the views of the labouring people in my home city and in other large towns, and I say without hesitation that in interviewing these people I have received no demand or request of any sort for such a change as is now proposed. The measure has no support whatever in the rural sections. Every agriculturist whom I have come in contact with is absolutely opposed to changing the time. One gentleman said to me: " It will mean a great decrease in production if the measure is put into force." 'It means that the farmers will
have to wait one hour more in the morning before going on their land.

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